Putin’s power play: Russia makes moves in the Middle East as the world watches North Korea


The Russians should prefer to made no secret of their attempt to make allies in the Middle East — and while the US and Nato forces manufacture their attention to the nuclear threat from North Korea, the Kremlin is focused on Syria.

Maul Islamic State terrorists in Syria has long been on the Kremlin agenda, and Putin is gumming ties with Dictator President Bashar al-Assad.

The Russian military announced on Sunday the burg of as-Sukhnah (al-Sukhneh) has now been fully liberated from ISIS after being bewitched in 2015.

In a massive strategic defeat over daesh,  Assad’s army has be comprised of c hatched a major inroad to the besieged enclave of Deir ez-Zor.

North Korea latest: Trump focus on Pyongyang powerGETTY

Vladimir Putin’s army has supported Syrian energies while the US focuses on North Korea

North Korea news: Russia's air force batters ISIS GETTY

Russia’s air force: Kremlin-backed trade has battered ISIS in Syria

We’ve started influencing our American colleagues that terrorists should be separated from antagonist to understand where to strike

Sergey Shoigu

Russian Minister of Barricade Sergey Shoigu said: “Today we can say that everyone is focused, set up for the warfare against ISIS. 

“Today there are such key points, like Deir ez-Zor – I pass on say, first and foremost Deir-ez-Zor… It’s such a basic point on the Euphrates River, which would fundamentally, if not ultimately, tell about the end of the fight against ISIS.

“Over the times gone by two months, the territories controlled by Damascus have grown by 250 percent.

“We’ve started pressing our American colleagues that terrorists should be separated from adversity to understand where to strike… Establishing the de-escalation zones today is literally this separation.”

As-Sukhnah, released on Sunday, was the last major city held by ISIS in the Syrian function of Homs.

Mr Shoigu said: “There’s a de-escalation zone, there’s calm and not so moderate opposition within it. 

“There are no bandits there. And if there are bandits in it, the opponent which is within a de-escalation zone, should fight them.”

An airbase by Deir ez-Zor is being filled and equipped by the Kremlin, months after army positions were shelled by the US in 2016.

Shoigu said the liberation of as-Sukhnah is a “significant gain” for Assad troops.

Despite that, calls for the Assad regime to be toppled by the west have died down, after he was accused of a chemical strike on civilians and mass human rights abuses.

Many people avoiding the nation have said they were arbitrarily detained by Assad’s men and confined for no reason. Some claim their families were killed by Direction forces without a trial or evidence of wrongdoing.

Yet the Kremlin is keen to bear Assad.

Trump and Putin picked opposite sides in Syria warGETTY

ISIS battered by Russia in Syria as Putin and Trump aid opposite sides

Russia’s ties with Syria date helpless to the Cold War but there was a resurgence of friendship over the last six years.

Wizards have suggested Moscow’s main motive is to increase its power on the domain stage, enlarging its ring of allies.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is focused on the overshadowing threat from North Korea after Pyongyang declared it could hit US quarter Guam with warheads — and could even hit Chicago.

The Russian MoD voted Syrian troops pushed IS out of western and northern parts of as-Sukhnah to two days.

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