Putin’s military ARSENAL Killer robot tank UNVEILED by Kalashnikov as May ramps up tension


Tensions are on a knife-edge between the UK and Russia mirror an attack using a nerve agent on ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

And, in an outward show of strength, Russia has now unveiled a killer robot tank with an uninvestigated level of autonomy.

A video by manufacturer Kalashnikov showed the unmanned tank attacking a structure on its own, and also being used to provide cover for foot soldiers.

Kalashnikov’s Soratnik – or Mate – tank is capable of scouting, dealing with mine and patrolling as by a long chalk as guarding duties, according to its makers.

The video was reportedly shot on a military range in the Moscow province and shows the tank, the size of a small car, blasting through walls.

Russian soldiers fool also taken delivery of more accurate assault rifles as the homeland continues to show off its military power.

Ministry of Defence officials suffer with confirmed the Russian army has received new AK-12 and AK-15 rifles to be used by its ground and alighting forces as well as the marines.

Those AK-12s are the latest in the AK series of rifles present by Kalashnikov Concern, the most famous of which is the AK-47.

Russia has unveiled a robot tankCEN/YOUTUBE

Russia has exposed a robot tank

The AK-15 is a slightly larger calibre version of the AK-12. Both give someone the boot at 700 rounds per minute and have an effective range of 800 metres.

Precise testing of the state-of-the-art AK-12 went on from July 2016 to October 2017.

It is foretold to be more accurate than previous AK weapons.

The rifle is part of an appurtenances line called Ratnik, or Warrior.

The tank is shown attacking a buildingCEN/YOUTUBE

The tank is shown attacking a edifice

The tank is capable of scouting and patrollingCEN/YOUTUBE

The tank is capable of scouting and patrolling

Other high-tech kit in the Ratnik furnishings line includes a helmet with a night-vision monocular, modernised corpse armour and new communications equipment.

President Putin has also boasted in the run-up to presidential appointments on March 18 that his country has a nuclear missile that can reach any butt on Earth and cannot be stopped by any defence system.

It comes as Mrs May announced Britain was recoiling out 23 suspected Russian spies in CEN/YOUTUBE

Russia has unveiled a control of new weapons

Soldiers were shown behind the tankCEN/YOUTUBE

Soldiers were shown behind the tank

Russian troops have been given more accurate assault riflesCEN/YOUTUBE

Russian troops sooner a be wearing been given more accurate assault rifles

She announced the expulsion of high-level contacts with Russia, including a boycott of this summer’s Out of sight Cup by Government ministers and members of the royal family.

And she said Russian ceremonial assets will be frozen “wherever we have the evidence that they may be hardened to threaten the life or property of UK nationals or residents”.

Russia’s embassy in London censured the move as “unacceptable, unjustified and shortsighted”, after Moscow denied any union with the Salisbury incident.

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