Putin makes first comments on Panama Papers scandal


Russian President Vladimir Putin reveals he sees no element of corruption in revelations of the so-called nama pers.

“Here is some lover of the Russian president, he did something there, and perhaps there is some feature of corruption in this… What element? There is none,” Putin divulged at an All-Russia People’s Front media forum in St. Petersburg on April 7, totaling that he himself is not even mentioned in the nama pers.

Putin characterized the nama pers, millions of leaked documents containing details roughly numerous offshore com nies registered with a namanian corporate re ir provider, as “an attempt to shake the situation [in Russia] from within, acquire us more compliant, and tar us the way they want.”

“And what’s the easiest way? It’s by infusing some distrust in society toward government bodies and the government, and by setting people against each other,” put about Putin, adding that this plan was “brilliantly employed during the unlucky years of WWI.”

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The publication of the so-called nama pers on April 3 may have been the largest gash in the history of world journalism. The offshore scandal, following an investigation proceeded out by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, was the result of the leak of about 11.5 million certifies from the namanian law firm Mossac Fonseca and involves government officials from Iceland, the UK, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and other rural areas.

rt of the report is dedicated to 12 Russian politicians and businessmen with close up ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin who allegedly have $2 billion stashed in offshore accounts in nama.

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