Putin congratulates first woman in space Tereshkova on 80th birthday


Russian President Vladimir Putin has complimented the first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova on her 80th anniversary.

Putin presented her with a bronze model by Iulian Rukavishnikov dubbed “Gull Landing on the Water” and a painting by Vitaly Zaitsev esteemed “Gulls above the Volga”. Thus Putin referred to the legendary popular call sign – Chaika (or gull) – that Tereshkova used during her interval flight in 1963.

“Dear Valentina Vladimirovna, allow me to offer you my sincere and warm greetings to you on your anniversary,” the president began.

Photo: Kremlin.ru

“I possess two presents for you. This is, actually, your call sign. And a wonderful, marvellous painting named “Gulls above the Volga”, in fact, it is a picture of your home-grown region.”

Tereskova responded by saying that she was very touched by the donation. Putin also thanked her for serving the country.

“Starting from you mythic space flight, you have always set a good example for us and have each time been a symbol of service to the country – in various places and in various locates – and now you continue to work at the State Duma,” the Russian leader said.

“I remember how much you love our great Homeland, Russia, as well as your basic Yaroslavl region, you always care for it, always mention it whenever we upon. This is what your strength is based on – you cordial affection for the Homeland,” Putin prominent. 

Source: TASS

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