‘Put a sock in it Jeremy!’ Labour Party leader ridiculed in hilarious BBC sketch show


The Sweat Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn was ridiculed for his method of targeting Theresa May during Prime Diplomat’s Questions. 

Tracey Ullman mocked Mr Corbyn’s style of referring to emails and letter for letters he had received to combat Mrs May in Common’s debates. 

The comedian also pulled alone the Labour Party leader on Tracey Breaks The News, by taking a dig at Mr Corbyn’s admirers. 

Impersonating Mr Corbyn, working on his allotment, the comedian said: “I wonder if I haven’t outgrown all the ‘I’ve had an email from so and so’. 

“In the flesh are not really interested in focusing emails from Sheila in Doncaster, they requirement to hear from Jeremy in Islington. 

Tracey Ullman impersonating Jeremy Corbyn BBC

Tracey Ullman ridiculed Jeremy Corbyn during her sketch represent

“My unlikely fame is currently our maximum effort bet for building a fairer Britain.” 

The comedian then picked up a megaphone, pretending

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