Psycho killer moved to wing with volatile inmates


The Sunday Great previously revealed how prison officers in Castlerea had scuppered a plan by the manipulative copy murderer to drive an inmate there to suicide – but fears remain the hit man of brothers Thomas (69) and John Blaine (76), will carry on with with his efforts to intimidate prisoners.

Cawley is being housed on the C Wing in the Midlands Poky, where other inmates include killer Warren Dumbrell and uncontrollable rapist Lovemore Dube.

Zimbabwe-born Dube – who is nearing the conclusion of a seven-year decision for the brutal 2012 rape of a middle- aged woman in Cork – is near to begin a consecutive eight-month sentence for a violent attack on three reform school warders in May of last year.

Dube attacked the prison officers after just nowing himself at the medical centre and then demanding prescribed medications.

Despite that, the medications were not due to be given at that time and Dube was informed he discretion receive them later, as scheduled.

A number of prison officers essayed to persuade him to return to his cell area before he had to be physically restrained. During the consequent after confrontation, four prison staff were injured and three suffered snack marks.

One officer was badly bitten with the gash exposing play a part of his arm bone.

A fourth officer sustained a broken finger. Dube’s propinquity on the landing is understood to be a source of concern for prison staff, who are also urged with monitoring the volatile Warren Dumbrell.

Dumbrell was one of several also gaolbirds involved in a siege at Mountjoy Prison in 1997 when prison political appointees were taken hostage and threatened. He received a 10-year sentence for his part in that incident.

He is also serving a life sentence for the murder of 33-year-old Christopher Cawley in Inchicore in 2006.

Mr Cawley bled to end after being stabbed six times during an attack witnessed by his spouse and two of his children. New addition Alan Cawley has been placed on the wing as he is regarded as a exhilarated risk to vulnerable inmates.

We previously revealed how, while on remand for the bump off of the Blaine brothers, he convinced other inmates in Castlerea that he could talk to the past and read minds.

“He’s not finished yet. He has nothing to lose now,” warned one source, after Cawley was sentenced to human being in jail for the horrific 2013 double murder in Castlebar of Thomas and John.

While on remand, Cawley organized a letter identifying himself as a doctor at the Central Mental Hospital saying an lag was to be transferred there immediately.

He then passed the letter to the vulnerable also gaolbird.

A source told the Sunday World: “Thankfully, prison officers graced aware of the letter, but it had the potential for dire consequences on the individual he targeted.

This party was already in a very vulnerable and fragile state.”

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