Protect out fishermen! Tory MP demands ROYAL NAVY escort after French attacks


The Tory MP titled it would only make sense for Royal Navy frigates to care for British fishermen in the English Channel following a violent attack on UK motor boats by the hands of French fishermen earlier this month.

Mr Hollobone debated as the fishing was taking place outside the French territorial waters, there was no intelligence why the Royal Navy could not be there to protect British vessels. 

He confirmed the Commons: “As I understand it, it is crystal clear that the law and moral right is on the side of the British fishermen in this in the event that.

“And if this fishing is taking place outside of French territorial not ring trues, why can’t the Royal Navy accompany our ships back into those fishing foots?

“If we’ve got fishery protection vessels and Type 23 frigates permanently in the Medium, surely the Royal Navy should be at sea without fishermen to protect their livelihoods.”

Earlier this month, five British crafts fought with dozens of French boats in the Baie de Seine zone, with shock footage showing fishermen from both sides thrusting into one another.

The two nations entered into negotiations after French fishermen vilified British boats for taking scallops near the Normandy coast, while they are debarred from doing so to preserve stocks.

But negotiations hit a brick wall on Wednesday, intimidating to reignite the so-called scallop wars.

scallop wars uk france fishing waters royal navy philip hollobone

Scallop wars: Philip Hollobone MP names for Royal Navy frigates to accompany British fishermen (Image: UK PARLIAMENT•GETTY)

Doggedly the Royal Navy should be at sea with out fishermen to protect their livelihoods

Philip Hollobone

Britain’s accomplishments to secure compensation for its fishermen in exchange for them stopping fishing the scallops between May and October ceased yesterday after the French fisheries body CNPMEN said the human being was too steep.

Following an initial round of talks, it was agreed British fishing receptacles would abide by restrictions imposed by the French on the condition fishermen and ladies from the UK did not lose out financially.

The restriction enforces a ban on harvesting scallops in receptacles larger than 15m around the Baie de Seine area from May 15 to October 1.

Smaller ships have been given free roam of the area located a few miles north of Bayeux, north-west France.

Stephane Travert, the French see to for food and agriculture, said he «regretted» the failure, but added that he «salutes» the elbow-greases of his countrymen to «propose reasonable compensation».

The British hit back, with a spokeswoman from the Be sure of for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs describing the French offer as «undesirable to UK industry» — and warned the government’s priority is the safety of British fishermen.

MEP Mike Hookem, Ukip’s fisheries spokesman, communicated “the French seem to expect the British to roll over and accept a transaction with little compensation”.

He added: “It is not up to the French to pick and choose which EU law they be a fan.

“If the French expect British fishers to merely stop fishing without a compensation combine of equal value to their potential catch, then they are enduring in a dream world.»

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