Private school teen questioned over 'barbaric' face stabbing incident


The commotion happened shortly before midnight on Christmas Eve in Dalkey when a row flat out over a teenage girl.

The 26-year-old victim, who is from the Glenageary acreage of the capital, almost lost an eye and suffered huge blood loss when he was transfixed in the face with a Swiss Army knife.

His suspected attacker, a 17-year-old boy from Killiney, was busted on Tuesday and questioned at Shankill Garda Station before being loosed without charge.

Sources say the suspect is a student in one of the country’s best-known own secondary schools, which charges substantial annual fees.

Two 17-year-old small fries, who are also believed to attend the same school, have also been into questioned by gardai but neither were arrested.

These two boys, who have approach devotes in Dalkey and Glasthule, are understood to have voluntarily presented themselves for doubt at Dun Laoghaire Garda Station hours after the brutal attack deducted place. They are not considered suspects.

Reports indicate that the engage in battle happened in The Metals area, near Dalkey Quarry, when an tiff started outside a pub.

It has been alleged that the private school followers followed the victim after remarks were made to a young female in their attendance.

It is understood that at least three of them confronted the victim and ordered he apologise. It is alleged that a 17-year-old produced a Swiss Army knife and hurt the man in the face.

Gardai were unable to confirm reports that the knifing had been recorded on a mobile phone.

“It seems that he [the culprit] Euphemistic pre-owned the knife in a punching motion and the knife just missed the victim’s eye by a fraction,” a documentation said.

“The knife was then dragged along the injured man’s face, all the way to his neck. He suffered jumbo blood loss and terrible injuries to his face. This was a barbaric affair.”

Emergency services were called and the man was rushed to St Vincent’s Hospital. He has since been discharged.

At one fake it is believed that medics feared his injuries were critical.

It is settled that the Dart line in the area was sealed off for a time as gardai swept out a detailed forensic examination of the vicinity of the attack.

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