Prisoner to be disciplined after causing standoff at Dublin jail after breaking out


The prisoner made his way on to a roof at Cloverhill prison shortly after 5pm.

Trained agents were called in to speak to the inmate and shortly after 6.30pm he granted to return to his cell.

A prison spokesman said: “We had a situation where a con made his way on to a roof in Cloverhill Prison.

“Trained negotiators were on position to speak with him.

“Shortly after 6.30pm the prisoner agreed to on down.”

It is understood that the man, who is originally from Finglas in North Dublin, suffered “slap in the faces and bruises” after crossing razor wire to make his way on to the internal roof.

He see fit now be served with a P19 discipline form.

Cloverhill is a closed, medium surveillance prison for adult males, which primarily caters for remand prisoners entrusted from the Leinster area.

It has an operational ca city of 431 prisoners.


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