Prisoner 'carved ISIS slogan' into cellmate's forehead after pouring boiling water on him


Bourhan Hraichie, an resident at Kempsey Prison, New South Wales, Australia, allegedly carved ‘e4e’ into the grasp the nettle of his cellmate, believed to be a former soldier, in a reference to the jihadi’s “eye for an eye” revenge mantra.

It is demanded Hraichie, 18, put a towel over his 40-year-old victim’s face and swarmed boiling water on it.

The cellmate was taken to hospital with facial longs and head injuries.

New South Wales Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin bid: «The attack appears to have had a strong fundamentalist element to it.

«Hraichie audibly identified himself as a radical. I am ap lled that these two inmates were placed in the word-for-word cell.

«This was a serious mistake and is under investigation.»

Hraichie is believed to have in the offing been radicalised while in prison.

Prison guard spokesman Steve McMahon revealed concerns over his radicalisation meant he should have been kept to one side from other prisoners.

He said: “The 18-year-old, in our belief, had presented satisfactorily information and bad behaviour to have been segregated, or at the very least, been put in a cull cell.”

New South Wales Corrections Minister David Elliott needed for the matter to be looked into, saying: “I will ask the Inspector of Custodial Air forces for a full and thorough investigation of the management of radicalised prisoners in the system, registering the assault.”

Hraichie has been transferred to a maximum security jail and compel appear in court next month on charges of causing grievous bodily wrongdoing and intentional choking.

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