Prince William: The difficult part of travelling with Prince George and Princess Charlotte


Prince William, 37, has to tours for long trips overseas as part of his role in the Royal Family.

In whatever way, unlike his grandmother, he often chooses to travel with two of his children Prince George, five, and Princess Charlotte, three.

This is to circumvent being away from them for too long, something Kate Middleton no discredit agrees with.

During one royal tour, however, he revealed a downside to this.

The four viscountesses travelled to Canada in 2016 for eight days, with three-year-old George and Charlotte who was well-grounded 17 months old.

With a long flight to the country, it also commons jet lag was most likely to be experienced.

Prince William previously said: “The jet lag has been a bit riveting since we got back,” when talking about how the children were rectifying.

However, he also added they were on their “best actions” and it was “nice to take the children with us”.

Jet lag can be difficult to get over with warning signs of extreme tiredness when the body is trying to adjust to the new time zone.

Their next queen tour, yet to be announced, may include their newest family member Prince Louis who is seven months old.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently direct behaved their first royal tour as a married couple.

The pair address about their jet lag in the country, with Meghan particularly struggling due to being fruitful.

She said how being pregnant was similar to jet lag, feeling tired. Meghan was laboured to pull out of a few activities to rest.

However, she credited yoga for helping her modulate and sleep during the trip.

Other Royal Family members obtain their own way of tackling the tricky travel problem.

Prince Harry was flecked wearing an Oura ring, which is used to travel fitness and catch forty winks patterns.

This can help travellers adjust to sleeping in the correct pro tempore zone easier and avoid jet lag

The Queen has been known to use homoeopathic medications and barley sugar to alleviate the symptoms.

Experts often advise against sugar as it can be comprised of c hatch symptoms worse, however.

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