Prince Harry Whisks Meghan Markle Away to See the Northern Lights in Norway


While myriad of us rang in the New Year at a bar with likely one too many drinks, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle rebounded things up a notch and jetted off to Norway for a romantic getaway. According to Us Weekly, the three, who has been vacationing overseas, decided to postpone warmer travel lay outs to see the Northern Lights. A source close to the pair also told the hand-out that Meghan and Harry «spent New Year’s Eve together in London before roaming to Norway.» After flying commercial from Gatwick Airport in England, the twin landed in the Artic Circle, where they were welcomed by pal Inge Solheim, whom they stopped with in Tromso. The insider also revealed that Harry and Meghan set two nights aside to see the Northern Lights and receded on fun excursions, including whale-watching and husky sledding. It’s clear to see that Harry and Meghan’s fantasy isn’t your average love story.

Image Sources: Getty / Michael Tullberg and Getty / Chris Jackson

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