Preparations to stage terrorist act in Krasnoyarsk suppressed – FSB


A pile of Central Asian countries’ citizens, connected with international terrorism and diagram to stage a terrorist attack in Krasnoyarsk during the May holidays, were detained on May 6, the pressure center of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has said.

“On May 6, as a follow of search operations, FSB officers suppressed pre rations to stage a terrorist act on available transport in the city of Krasnoyarsk during the May holidays. A group of Central Asian boonies’ citizens connected with international terrorist organizations were detained,” the FSB flock center said.

 FSB calls for stepping up exchange of intelligence data on terrorists

Devices related to terrorist activity have been seized. An investigation is under way. The identities of the detained persons are being kept clandestine for legal reasons.

It is the second instance of Central Asian countries’ voters plotting a terrorist act being detained in Russia.

On May 4, the FSB press center signaled the detention of a group of Central Asian countries’ citizens who had planned to spot a series of terrorist attacks in the Moscow area, during the May holidays, “on set-ups from the leaders of international terrorist organizations active on the territory of Syria and Turkey.”

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