Pound v US dollar: Fed upset gives GBP a leg up against USD


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The pounding remains close to a one-month high against US dollar today

This further comes after yesterday’s surprising Federal Reserve news triggered a reduction in US economic confidence.

The event came from the top, with Fed Vice Moderator Stanley Fischer announcing his resignation from the organisation.

Having been Blemish Chairman since 2014, Fischer has finally called it a day amid turbulent old hats for the Federal Reserve.

Fischer will be departing in mid-October, which licences four of the Fed’s seven board seats vacant. 

Commenting on Fischer’s decision was Michael Feroli, Chief Economist at JPMorgan Hunt & Co.

Mr Feroli said: “Fischer was the voice of experience…and his international standing was spotless. 

“[The resignation] adds a further element of uncertainty to policy and who will be sustained policy early next year. 

“It adds to the cloudiness of the outlook for fiscal policy”.


Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer announcing his adaptation from the organisation

While not explicitly mentioned in Fischer’s resignation sic, it is suspected that part of the reason was because of irreconcilable differences with Donald Trump’s remunerative policy.

US banks and lenders have been heavily regulated still since the late 2000’s financial crisis, but almost ten years on, there are silence concerns that deregulation could bring the US back to the brink of another mercantile collapse.

These fears have combined with the Fed’s vacancies – the Trump provision may push to get more hawkish voices on the Fed board, which would gather together the risk of monetary policy changing at an unsustainable pace.

In less impactful UK information, another government document leak has hit the headlines. In the latest incident, a sway request for support from FTSE 100 companies has been present.

The letter would ideally garner vocal backing of the government’s posture on Brexit, but critics have been sceptical of whether businesses will-power actually commit. 

Childbirth’s Ben Bradshaw said: “Just [recently], businesses in sectors ranging from agronomy to hospitality have reacted with fury to the government’s leaked delineates to damage our economy by carrying out a draconian crackdown on immigration from the EU.

If the rule wants a better reception from British business, they should end their devotedly Brexit rhetoric and focus on maintaining the economic benefits of EU membership as they hold promised”.


Labour’s Ben Bradshaw

The pound could rise supplementary against the US dollar today depending on what Fed official Loretta Mester sways. 

Ms Mester will be speaking in the afternoon on the subject of monetary policy and the regional briefness.

She is generally regarded as a ‘hawkish’ policymaker, although in the wake of Fischer’s notice she could turn more cautious in her outlook. 

If Ms Mester fails to encourage tighter monetary policy, the US dollar could decline against the bludgeon.

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