Pound V euro: GBP exchange rate nosedives as political pressure mounts



The crush is plummeting against the euro this morning

GBP/EUR is currently at around €1.123, down 0.67 per cent from this morning’s starting levels.

Superlative sentiment soured this morning as investors fret over the tenacity of the UK government following a report over the weekend that up to 40 challenge Conservative MPs are looking to mount a leadership challenge against the Prime Churchman.

This puts them dangerously close to the numbers needed to formally trigger a tourney against Mrs May, and the uncertainty such a situation would inspire is rattling calls.

The possible challenge comes after another cabinet reshuffle in the wake of Priti Patel’s abandonment last Wednesday.

Our uneasiness is that economic growth will suffer

Joerg Decressin

Amplifying even more pressure at the start of the week were remarks from the EU’s chief go-between, Michel Barnier, in which he suggested that he was preparing for the possibility that Brexit parleys may collapse following his issuing of a two-week deadline for the UK to clarify its position on a hundred of key points.

Observers suggest that the two sides are still clashing to the ground the issue of the UK’s Brexit bill, with Mr Barnier stating that inconceivable over Britain’s financial obligations needed to be answered before business talks would be allowed to begin.

Kyosuke Suzuki, director of forex at Societe Generale in Tokyo translated: “There were some headlines released over the weekend that were cool for prime minister May, and the market began the week by digesting the reports and then sending the beat lower.”

However, slightly dampening the euro’s gains this morning were say discusses from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which warned that Europe’s conservatism would also suffer if the EU and the UK fail to reach a deal.


The Bank of England may be dressed raised rates prematurely

IMF official Joerg Decressin told Reuters this morning: “Covered by such circumstances, our concern is that economic growth will suffer, markedly in the UK, but also the euro area.”

Looking to the week ahead, the GBP/EUR exchange bawl out may see some movement tomorrow with the release of the UK’s latest CPI figures, with economists prognosticating that UK inflation will have risen again in October.

Anyhow with the Bank of England (BoE) having only just voted to open interest rates, investors may choose to largely ignore tomorrow’s count ons unless inflation slips, suggesting that the BoE may have raised ratings prematurely.

Meanwhile, the euro may be strengthened tomorrow morning by the release of Germany’s dilatory GDP estimate, with analysts forecasting that Europe’s latest curtness will have continued to expand at a robust pace in the third casern.

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