Pound LIVE: Spring Statement – Pound rises as Hammond comes out fighting


Pound LIVE: Hammond to deliver Spring StatementGETTY

Drill into LIVE: Chancellor to deliver Spring Statement

16.52 – UPDATE – Pound stillness on the rise

The pound is 0.1 percent up against the euro and 0.6 percent up against the dollar.


The Source Statement has been well received as the pound is rising against both the euro and the dollar.

It is up by 0.05 percent against the euro to 1.1274 and 0.51 percent against the dollar to 1.3978.

The tint of his statement was one of cautious optimism, with positive stats but the full purport of brexit is yet to be seen.

Mr Hammond also used this opportunity to asseverate a £80million boost to smaller businesses to employ apprentices.

Something tinier businesses have responded positively to.

Steven Gee, CEO Close Brothers Asset Capitalize said: “This should act as a reminder of the benefits that apprentices can look after to SMEs in all sectors, particularly those struggling with succession planning and declaration people with the right skills that they need for their houses.


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Although no fiscal fireworks are foresaw from Philip ‘box office’ Hammond this afternoon, there should be some elevated news for the UK economy in the form of a revised GDP forecast and deficit reduction.

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2.15pm – UPDATE – Spring statement overview

Yael Selfin, Chief Economist at KPMG says that with the subordinate half of last year showing stronger momentum for the UK economy, and products for public finances also more positive than the OBR had pencilled in, some upward corrections by the OBR were always on the cards ahead of the Spring Statement.

He said: “In the in any case, the OBR chose to make only a very minor increase to this year’s advance forecast, preferring instead to reserve judgment before taking the rise in productivity beyond the second half of 2017 as an indication of a more lasting change. OBR prognosticates for public finances were more positive, with debt now envisaged to fall to 77.9 percent of GDP by 2022-23.

“Nevertheless, the Chancellor was in a positive frame of mind, placing his faith in the UK economy, and laying the ground for further investment to redeem productivity over the coming years. He also recognised that portion management improve the performance of the companies they lead could construct a big difference.

“Similarly, simplifying incentives, and providing a stable business milieu can go a long way to encourage businesses to invest more, as well as make it easier for problem to select and implement the type of investment that will boost acting most. We will hopefully hear more on that in the November Budget.”

1.45pm – UPDATE – Reply 

Hannah Maundrell, Editor in Chief of money.co.uk has reacted to the Spring Declaration:

“The chancellor put a positive spin on the future of our economy, but his focus was very much on the big notion. The pressures of day to day living aren’t so encouraging for the many households struggling to get by.

“There’s teensy-weensy doubt rising inflation has taken its toll on people’s purse extend b delays. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg; the real reason many households are nearing economic crisis is because they’re shelling out a significant amount in debt repayments each month, cause to be them with little to play with.

“This is an issue that essentials addressing from the top as well as by people at home. If you’re struggling to make ends first encounter, take the chancellor’s advice.”

1.13pm – UPDATE – Pound soars against Dollar

The Beat into rid is now up 0.43 percent against the Dollar to 1.3967.

Philip Hammond is on the offensive during his Springiness Statement. Read the full report here.

12.28pm – UPDATE – Pound down at the of Spring Statement

The Pound is flat against the Euro and Dollar.

Peerless is down 0.04 percent against the Euro, and down 0.02 percent against the greenback.

11.27am – UPDATE – Chancellor ringed to scrap business rates

John Cooke, Managing Director of Negroid Pepper Software Ltd said: “In my opinion, the Chancellor should scrap calling rates all together and replace them with a revenue neutral way tax on group revenue.

This would give struggling small businesses a avail and rebalance the tax burden against large companies. It would also go some way to redress the command of tax on those large global businesses, such as Amazon, Google and Starbucks, who hours their profits abroad to avoid paying tax in the UK.

10.29am – UPDATE – Pound arises against Euro

The Pound is now up against the Euro a very thin 0.2 percent to 1.271.