POUND LIVE: No Brexit boost yet for Sterling with Phase 2 on the horizon



No white bullet yet for the Pound


The future of the chairman of the London Stock Exchange, Donald Brydon, has been cleansed up after he won the backing of the majority of shareholders.

The uncertainty was ended after a accustomed meeting resulted in 79% of shareholders backing the chairman.

Chairman Donald Brydon chew out tattle oned the BBC: “The board would like to thank shareholders for their support today. The accommodate and I welcome the stability that this gives the group”.

Hedge ready, TCI Fund Management, a 5% shareholder in LSE, had sought to get rid of Mr Brydon amid unhappiness over the departure of Xavier Rolet, the alliance’s former chief executive, who was forced out last month.


Pound Superlative continues on its slow journey south this afternoon with the give up against the Euro now at 0.5 percent to 1.1294 and down against the Dollar 0.1 percent to 1.3364.

Here’s our boom on the impending end of Toys R Us and the threat to close 105 UK stores.

The toy giant is on the border of collapse with the loss of 3,200 jobs as it struggles to win support for a charted restructure.


US tax reforms could be restraining the Pound with the early day bring about being chipped away at time of press.

Sterling is down on the Euro 0.27 percent to 1.1321, and down on the Dollar 0.05 percent to 1.337.

FTSE 100 settle downs are mostly having a good day with the 100 share index 19 apposite indicates higher at 7,556.

As the Sterling staggers to recover after the ‘Phase 2’ hearsay last week, Brussels correspondent Nick Gutteridge reports on how Michel Barnier’s top advisor has premonished that there could be public protests across the EU against any Brexit dispense that is seen to give away too much to Britain.

In a blow to UK confidences of a “deep and special” partnership with the EU, Stefaan De Rynck warned that the bloc has knowledgeable from widespread opposition to its proposed trade pact with the US.

He replied any suggestion that a post-Brexit agreement with Britain would hero to a “watering down” of Brussels’ sovereignty is likely to be rejected by the European unrestricted and politicians. 


Pound begins the day down on the Euro and up on the Dollar with a unstable fall of 0.04 percent against the Euro to 1.1347 and a similarly cold-shoulder rise of 0.06 percent to 1.3386 against the Dollar.

The Pound started the week right but fears from leading economists that the heralded “progress” vamoosed by the May government in Brexit negotiations is unlikely to provide a pre-Christmas boost to Excellent’s weakness in the short term.

The reaction follows today’s report that there whim be

POUND LIVE: No Brexit boost yet for Sterling with Phase 2 on the horizon

Theresa May to play peacemaker in ‘CHILDISH’ internal EU spat

  • POUND LIVE: No Brexit boost yet for Sterling with Phase 2 on the horizon

    ‘No special Brexit conduct oneself treat for London’ says Barnier in blow to Mat

  • Toys R UsGETTY

    Could this retailing mammoth close before Christmas

    In business news 170 UK branches of Bit of frippery trifle withs R Us are under threat with a potential 3,000 staff now waiting to get wind of if the US giant is able to attract a resuce deal before bankruptcy.

    Toys R Us has been in the UK since 1985 but the cartel has failed to challenge online retailers as shoppers increasingly turn to the web for bigger knock offs.

    The Pensions Protection Fund is asking the troubled company for £9m to safeguard the helps contained in the fund and Jane Foley, strategist at Rabobank, told the BBC Today organize: “There is a programme potentially in place by Toys R Us. If they allowed this course they could lose a smaller number – 800 jobs – but the annuities regulator is asking it to pay this money” and, she says, that will move it in to collapse.

    City of LondonGETTY

    FTSE is on the up

    The FTSE 100 has opened 0.24% winning with Old Mutual leading the FTSE risers.

    The rise comes as dirt Old Mutual has sold its wealth business for £600m to private equity anchored TA Associates. Its shares rose 3.8%.

    South African hospital group Mediclinic Cosmopolitan is the morning’s biggest loser so far, falling 2.1%.

    The FTSE 250 is up 0.35%.

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