Post-Brexit travel: Will Britons need a visa to travel to Europe after 2019?


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Post-Brexit go: Could you need a visa to travel to Europe?

Travelling after 2019 is set to modulation when the UK leaves the EU on March 29.

Post-Brexit, the relationship between the UK and Europe could drastically alter when it comes to travelling so easily between one another.

At the moment, Britons can stop in all of the countries in Europe without needing to pay for a visa.

Could this all interchange when the country leaves the EU?

This method of travel document, which costs €5, order also see strict security checks

Whilst there is no firm confirmation anent the effects on visa-free travel many people think it could hard cash in a number of ways.

One suggested way is to use something called a European Travel Knowledge and Authorisation System (ETIAS) which is similar to a visa.

This method of travel validate, which costs €5, will also see strict security restricts which could see travellers prevented from entering the country.

There is no up evidence that this will come into place, with an EU beginning telling in August: “Neither the final proposal, nor the possible questions deliver been formally agreed.”

This change could, however, exhort a trip around Europe much more difficult as well as profuse expensive.

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Post-Brexit travel: Britons could be made to obtain an ESTA or ETIAS before entering Europe

A slightly diverse way of entering the country would be to use something similar to the ESTA that the US ends.

Standing for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation, it currently costs British wanderers $14 (£11) to purchase, allowing travel for up to 90 days in the US.

It is also needed unvarying if it is just a connecting flight and the traveller isn’t leaving the airport.

Although anyone who has had a desperado conviction could also see them denied entry.

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Post-Brexit globe-trotting trips: A visa for Europe could make trips much more dear

Currently, the UK is the third best country in the world for having the strongest passport when it influence to visa-free travel.

Residents with a British passport can travel to 175 states without needing a visa or can instead be given a visa-on-arrival.

It was pipped to slews one by Singapore, with 176 countries, and Germany, with 177 boondocks.

Germany has held the top spot for five years, and this year arrested on top since the changes to the entry requirements for Belarus.

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