Post Brexit SURGE of Irish passport being issued in the UK — with record-breaking numbers


A flow in Irish passports has hit record-highs post-Brexit, it has been reported.

The Department of Extrinsic Affairs in Dublin stated that over 779,000 passports from the provinces were issued in 2017, the highest number since records began.

The hundred of Britons registering as Irish has also soared by 95 per cent.

It is condign the latest news surrounding the travel document after it was announced the British passport at ones desire return to its original navy colour after Brexit.

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Passports: Irish passport applications reach document high

It has been revealed that 81,752 Irish oppidans requested the Irish passport, an increase of 20 per cent on previous years.

Similarly, 81,287 were from Britain, up 28 per cent from 2016.

Those who are undergone in Ireland are permitted to have it, whilst those in Britain must deliver an Irish parent or sometimes an Irish grandparent.

Before the surge, sternly 50,000 Irish passports were issued to British citizens every year.

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Passports: Irish passports cause clebred to Britons has surged by 28 per cent

This is the highest number of Irish passports endlessly issued in one year

Simon Coveney

Simon Coveney, Tanaiste and Overseas Affairs Minister, stated: «This is the highest number of Irish passports at any point issued in one year. 

“It represents an increase of over six per cent compared to 2016 (itself a record-breaking year), and an augment of over 15 per cent since 2015.

«The number of applicants from Northern Ireland and Huge Britain has continued to rise. 

“Overall, almost 20 per cent of the gross number of applications received by the passport service this year were from Irish taxpayers in Northern Ireland or Great Britain.»

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Passport: Recent news programme states that the British passport will return to navy in 2019

The downcast passport representing the United Kingdom will be re-introduced in 2019 post-Brexit, as it is regarded as a crushing for reclaiming “national identity”.

They will still cost the unchanging as the current burgundy passport of £72.50.

When the UK leaves the EU on March 29 2019, the burgundy passports intent then be phased out in replacement of the new blue ones.

Those with a burgundy passport determination still be able to travel.

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