Posh Edinburgh park bans ball games – for dogs


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Associates of the park who pay £115 annually are complaining about the parks tough new hand down a judgements

The Dean Gardens Management Committee issued a notice stating their almost as good as to outlaw ball throwers and frisbees because eager dogs “uninterrupted after balls at speed and braking” are tearing up grass.

However, associates who pay an annual fee of £115 are now threatening to launch a petition to get the ban overturned.

Mother-of-one Alejandra Ayala, 42, who owns Mungo, a shiny retriever puppy, said: “I totally disagree with it and I hope they replacement their minds.

“My friends are dog owners too and they feel the same. We were talking in starting a petition.”

She added: “I think it was actually more the children who harmed the gardens than the dogs because there’s a nursery with a key and they overturn in 20 kids.

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Dog owners at the private park have been precluded from even rolling balls across a path

They’ve despite been seen scolding people for rolling a ball on the path

Alejandra Ayala

“When they put up that announce, a lot of people stopped coming to the park. They’ve even been seen bawl out people for rolling a ball on the path, saying they can’t do that.”

In the face the membership fee, the park is so popular that the committee has introduced a school-style catchment scope for new members and a waiting list.

Local artist Carol Harris communicated she now faces finding somewhere else for 18-month-old black Labrador Dexter to track his favourite ball.

She said: “It’s nanny state and I think it’s unnecessary.

“If they planted some puzzling grass seed in with the rest it would grow back like the aggregate else. Or they could restrict it to areas – we still have football and cricket being faked.

“I understand they don’t want bare grass all over the place but it’s teacher-ish – we maintain so many rules. As long as you’re picking up dog muck, obeying the rules and have planned a name on the dog collar if you find yourself in a mud patch then you move somewhere else.”

Posh Edinburgh dog parkNC

Those who use the park have begun to consider writing a petition

Commission member George Leslie said the ban was imposed after booming multitudes of dog walkers left the gardens looking like a “rugby field” most recent winter.

He insisted the committee members were “still very exposed” to dog owners, adding: “We 

had more dogs and it doesn’t take many being throwing things for big dogs and doing 

it repetitively to cause a lot of damage to the snitch and lawns.”

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