Port Hawkesbury Airport upgrades to help with 4,000% flight increase


Assorted services for aircraft and passengers are underway at the Port Hawkesbury Airport to convenience its meteoric rise in traffic over the past few years, most of which is golf-related.

«They [disperses] are actually up somewhere around 4,000 per cent on a five- or six-year footing,» said David Morgan, president of Celtic Air Services which begins control the airport Saturday.

Hundreds of flights have landed at the airport in the days of old year, often carrying golfers from around the world longing to play the internationally famous Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs courses in Inverness.

New voyager building 

The airport currently has a 1,524-metre runway and two hangars.

Construction is set to set up on a new building with a passenger reception area and lounge offering refreshments, titbits, Wi-Fi and leather couches, Morgan said.

The facility is expected to set up in late August.

The airport already has new ground service equipment such as conveys to service the air conditioning and heater systems aboard aircrafts, Morgan suggested.

There will also be an aircraft «tug,» a tractor with a tow bar, to move planes throughout after they land, he said.

19 jobs expected

Previously, aircraft on the grouts had to manoeuvre under their own power which Morgan said is not a pleasant situation.

«As you can imagine, a jet aircraft doesn’t want to get too close to a small Cessna when they’re cow themselves around using their own engine.»

Morgan said the not for publication company Celtic Air Services is expected to create 19 jobs one more time the next few years.

«We’ve hired our startup team, and we anticipate next year suffer with somewhere in the range of 11 full-time equivalent staff,» he said, noting that employing numbers could be slightly lower outside of the May-to-October peak freight period.

Tourism numbers up

The company also plans to launch an airport advertising electioneer.

«The airport has not been advertised before. Once we get out and talk with the area aviation folks and air charter companies in Canada and the U.S., I think that we’re wealthy to see an uptick in the numbers,» Morgan said.

He hopes Port Hawkesbury Airport traffic bequeath reflect the rising number of tourist visits to the province. 

«Nova Scotia is on mislay for its largest year of tourism in history, and we’re hoping that the aircraft details is on par with that,» he said.

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