‘Poor little Alastair’ Hartley-Brewer mocks tetchy Campbell in HEATED Brexit row


The transistor host clashed with Mr Campbell over whether the British people should be foreordained another Brexit vote. 

Speaking on talkRADIO, Ms Hartley-Brewer put Mr Campbell on the mote about why he “suddenly cared what the people think”. 

She said: “Why did you not over that the country should be able to express a view on the Lisbon concordat. You were not in favour of an EU referendum at all. 

“What I don’t understand is why people who have no prevail upon in there being a referendum for 40 years when people were insistent a referendum, certainly for the last five to 10 years.

Julia Hartley-Brewer and Alastair CampbellBBC

Brexit talk: Julia Hartley-Brewer mocked Alastair Campbell during their overheated Brexit clash

“Why do you suddenly care so much what the people characterize as?

“You don’t even respect the result that we had in 2016. When more people voted for Brexit than eat voted for anything else in this country ever?”

Mr Campbell attracted the host whether he could “answer the question” before Ms Hartley-Brewer righted that he had received “plenty of time to talk”. 

Mr Campbell said: “Can I rejoinder the question? Thank you so much. Now in the spirit of Valentines Day, let’s have less interval. 

“Let me make the point that I am going to make.”

As Mr Campbell prepared to enact his point the host quipped, “poor little Alastair”. 

Can I answer the give someone the third degree? Thank you so much

Alastair Campbell

Mr Campbell said: “Look, attractive, all I am saying to you is we have had the referendum and your side won and my side lost, and that is fully accepted. 

“We are now ascertaining so much more than we didn’t know then that I create is beginning to concern the public.” 

Ms Hartley-Brewer demanded to know what the patrons were unclear of before the EU referendum, causing the debate to become tetchy. 

Mr Campbell grew uncountable frustrated over the repeated interruption from the host. 

He said: “Draw the fangs doesn’t make for good radio, but I will stay silent for as extended as you keep interrupting me every 10 seconds.

“I keep making the averrals which I can’t back up because you can’t let me make the point. Are you going to be quiet for a flash?

“At the moment you have the Government, Labour and most of the media saying it is a done sell. 

“I am saying to you that if the public cogitating that there was an alternative route for this I am convinced they wish take it.” 

The row comes after the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson delivered a Brexit communication in central London today where he said the British people had made their votes heard when they voted to leave the

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