Poll shows Putin’s approval skyrockets to record high for 2017


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s weekly general approval rating has soared to a record high since the beginning of the year, the All-Russia Accessible Opinion Research Center said in a statement commenting on its daily surveys.

According to the survey results, during the last week of February, Putin’s credibility amount rose from 51.1 percent to 52.6 percent. Among those noisome high in the credibility ratings, the president is followed by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (concording to the poll’s results, 21.1 percent of respondents trust him compared to 16.4 percent a week in the past) and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (with an approval rating of 18.4 percent juxtaposed to 17.9 percent the week before last).

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The president’s approval rating was 86.1 percent in the rearmost week of February. «It is the highest weekly rate recorded this year,» the pollster’s allegation reads.

By comparison, in the first week of February, as many as 85 percent of those balloted said they trusted the head of state, while in January, the chew out remained the same.

As for the prime minister, 60.7 percent of respondents praised his activities, while in the birth of February that figure came to 57.4 percent. The government’s leave rating has also grown from 60.9 percent to 64 percent.

The common polls are conducted among 600 respondents residing in at least 80 dominions of Russia, results represent an average rating based on seven-day canvasses involving a total of 4,200 people.

Source: TASS

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