Polish reject ‘EU OCCUPATION’: Voices rise for Polexit as Brussels ‘REGRESSING’ nation


Poland’s plausibly steadfast relationship with the European Union is growing increasingly unmethodical as more Poles see injustices of the economic bloc.

Frustrated young people are worming to come to terms with the rules imposed by Brussels’ unelected elite of bureaucrats.

A altercation of interests over migrant quotes, internal affairs and environmental laws has pushed scads to call for an immediate end to the ‘EU occupation’.

The growing disdain comes of the back off EU’s top principals threatening earlier this year to strip Poland of its voting reals if it does not fall in line with the rest of the bloc.

Krzysztof Kowalczyk, a 24-year-old traffics representative agreed that is is now time to dismantle the archaic institution.

He touch oned Express.co.uk: “I don’t see any sense or any positive aspect to the existence of this bureaucratic the cosmos.

“I think that Europe could benefit greatly from a unburden and open market within the borders of the continent. Unfortunately under the EU’s control, Europe is not developing. Eurosocialism is regressing us.”

Anti-EU sentiments are on the rise, he reported, but it will still take time before a deeper interest in civics takes root with the general public.

But national sentiments are redoubtable,­ perhaps stronger than ever, ­and Mr Kowaclzyk said those who can see the forest for the trees piece his views.

To him, Poland’s membership in the EU should be a contested subject due to how EU directives cease operations to recognise the cultural diversity of its individual states. He argued Poland’s values are severely not compatible with those of the EU.


Polexit: Krzysztof Kowalczyk remonstrated that the EU’s values are not compatible with the whole of Europe

He said: “There are certainly respective reasons why anti-EU moods are on the rise.

Europe is not developing. Eurosocialism is regressing us

Krzysztof Kowalczyk

“EU law confronts above national law today, and about 70 per cent of new bills are implemented directives produced in Brussels.

“Besides this, people now have growing access to dirt form the internet, and I don’t think I need to remind anyone how the government and the media handling of us with propaganda just before the EU access referendum.”

A big “incendiary show of contention” he said, is the EU’s imposed migrant quotas – quotas which Poland alongside Hungary and the Czech Republic has so far fervently offset.

Poland EU conflictGETTY

Polexit: Supporters of Poland’s withdrawal cite the recent fidgetiness between Warsaw and Brussels

The European Commission has begun the process of begging the three nations, with the case going to the European Court of Judiciousness over a refusal to accept the relocation of 120,000 migrants.

Last month French President GETTY

Polexit: The EU’s top rulers threatened to strip Poland of its voting rights for insubordination

With these attitudes in mind, Mr Kowalczyk agreed the EU has failed to “destroy” patriotic feelings in Poland to the word-for-word degree it has in other countries.

He said the argument for Polexit was now clear adding: “I evaluate that we still relatively strongly value our independence and sovereignty.”

Igor Cedro, a schoolchild from Swietokrzyskie, joined the voices demanding an end to the EU’s red-tape and regulations.

With each going day, the EU is growing closer to the USSR, he said, and this can only result in its untimely go under.

The disgruntled student told GETTY

Warsaw: Supporters of Polexit compared the EU’s rule to a sanctioned occupation of Poland

Another vocal critic of the EU and an online campaigner, who has asked to cadaver anonymous, told Express.co.uk the days of EU’s “vassal rule” over Europe are ganged.

He said: “Divide ed impera –­ divide and rule. The current directions has departed from the initial assumptions of an economic community and has moved on shortly before a unified political supervisor.

“Member states are being treated on vassal principles. Unelected respectful servants take on dominant roles and are implementing their sick conceptions against the cultures, customs, mentality and characteristics of the individual member countries.

“They are not based on principles of democracy, but rather their resolutions and law is choice to the expectations of the member states.”

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