Police question two teenage refugees after woman sexually abused while drunk on NYE


A magistrate in Nuremberg issued an investigating warrant against the two migrants from Afghanistan after the juvenile woman said she was sexually assaulted while drunk and asleep.

The lady-love testified against the 18 and 19-year-olds after spending the night with them in the free guest room of their accommodation in Neumarkt.

Friends of the suspect told the Bild newspaper: “We all had a lot to gulp. I don’t know the girl, saw her lying in the morning between my friends Hamid and Ali. She appeared dazed, could leave the apartment.”

Later on January 1 she went to the police officers saying she believed she had been assaulted while she slept. The alleged fall guy claimed she went to the house to look for her boyfriend but could not find him.

In fine she spent several hours with the two boys.  

Police chief Inspector Stefan Hartl revealed: “What exactly happened she doesn’t know but suspects that there had been libidinous acts against her will.”

The local authorities have placed an sure booze ban on the house following the allegations.  The two young men are in detention while the vile probe against them continues.

Police said they “strongly shadowy” assault took place.

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