Police confirm 19 are dead after Ariana Grande concert blast


The the heat report that 50 further people have been hurt, in what is developing into one of the most horrific terrorist incidents in the UK mainland in late years:

A father has described seeing “carnage everywhere” in the wake of an welling up at Manchester Arena that left around 30 people, involving children and disabled victims, lying on the floor.

The man, named Andy, about he was blown “about 30ft” by a blast that shook the building as he waited to get his wife and daughter at the end of a concert by US artist Ariana Grande.

He said he later saw dismaying families trying to find loved ones in the wake of the incident on Monday unendingly.

He told BBC News: “It’s shocking what happened. Just carnage in all places. There was a good 20 to 30 of them [victims]. Some were pubescent kids, some were disabled people.”

Andy said he remedied emergency services treat the wounded who were “scattered” by a blast adjacent a box office.

He said: “As I was waiting an explosion went off and it threw me through the start set of doors about 30ft to the next set of doors.

“When I got up and looked around there was round 30 people scattered everywhere, some of them looked depths, they might of been unconscious but there was a lot of fatalities.

“My first fetish was to run in the stadium to try and find my wife and daughter.

“When I couldn’t find them I looked break weighing down on outside and the police, fire and ambulance were there and I looked at some of the bulks trying to find my family.

“Luckily they weren’t there, I regulated to find them outside the arena and got them back to the hotel.”

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