Police chase caught on live TV during Euro 2016 broadcast


While columnist Sky Sports Italia Angelo Mangiante was live on air presenting his round-up of the day’s contests at Euro 2016, his broadcast was disturbed when a man carrying what looks match a stolen bag can be seen sprinting behind the camera followed by two police managers.

Mangiante’s report soon turned from sports report to a live-action offence report as he effortlessly adapts to what is happening behind him.

Viewers were actuality a live-action account of the police’s pursuit of the man in the black gilet spotted sprinting history the reporter and camera seconds before in ris.

Mangiante happily bestowed the thousands of viewers watching across Italy a running commentary of the run after before finally announcing: “They got him, all right!”

Mangiante, who was clearly make laughed by what he had just caught on camera, later posted on twitter that he devise’ve asked his opinion on football “but the thief was too fast for me”.

Euro 2016 has been blighted by multiple commotions of violence, both inside grounds and outside.

On Tuesday police in Marseille as soon as again used tear gas as Polish and Ukrainian fans rioted disinvolved the stadium.

The scenes were similar to that of England’s first unite versus Russia after rival supporters and locals all clashed with the police.

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