Poland prime minister HITS OUT at EU’s multi-speed Brussels plan


Beata SzydioEPA

Beata Szydio is not a fan of the broached multi-speed EU model

Beata Szydio told a press conference at the EU peak in Belgium that any discussion about the bloc’s future should meet on bringing the remaining 27 member states together, instead of generating a tiered-system of nations based on a range of socio-political values. 

Szydio was referring to the European Commission’s unsullied paper, published in March, which set out the “five scenarios” for the future of Europe by 2025.

One of the presentations was creating a two-speed Europe, whereby willing member states “do profuse together in specific areas such as defence, internal security or popular matters”.

The illustrative report suggested a mini-bloc of 15 provinces sharing a police and magistrates corps to tackle cross border wrong and sharing security information, with the remaining 12 nations approving to “harmonise their liability rules and technical standards”.

But Szydio implied: “If we are to change the method of work, it’s obvious that it’s path that leads to integrity.”

Recalling previous EU summits where the Commission officials had called for togetherness, she added: “For Poland the myriad important thing is that the EU puts into force what it acquiesce in in last Bratislava and Rome. 

“We agreed to unity of the EU.

“This is the Polish position and agreed by the unhurt V4.” 

The V4 is the Visegard group of EU countries – Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

Concluding week Romania also rejected the notion of a multi-speed Europe, during a attack from European Council President Donald Tusk. 

Romanian president Klaus Iohannis guessed in a statement: “Such options will only deepen the divisions between the colleague states.” 

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