Pointless viewers left flustered over Alexander Armstrong’s hilarious mispronunciation


The 47-year-old presenter of the BBC One exam introduced the head to head round as concerning “famous Als”.

On the board, the two residual pairs were shown photos of five men with the first specify identify “Al” and had to choose which was the lowest scoring answer.

However, the question bring oned confusion for those at home, who thought they heard Alexander say “notable owls”.

One fan explained: “@richardosman I was looking away from the TV then and bit the round was ‘famous owls’. Quite niche I thought. #famousAls #stupid.”

“Famous Owls —  is what i thought this question on #pointless was,” another baffled viewer wrote on Tweet.

Someone else remarked: “Als? I thought u said owls I kept sensible that’s al pacino maybe he’s really owl pacino #pointless.”

While a fourth chaffed: “@TheVintageYear I didn’t recognise Owl Pacino. #pointless.”

The round created more shock as it was revealed that comedian Al Murray was more customary than A-list actor Al Pacino.

Out of a selection of 100 people, 64 living soul knew who Murray was while just 59 could identify Pacino.

Aimless continues weekdays at 5.15pm on BBC One.

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