Pointless player threatens to QUIT after leaving Alexander Armstrong speechless by answer


Mel lose ones nerved when poised with the task of finding a word which ended “ibe”.  

As the beginning player to have a crack at the Pointless podium, Mel crumbled and told multitude Alexander Armstrong that she was doing “absolutely terribly”.

“I can only about of bible, and that doesn’t even work,” she sighed. 

Holding her president in her hands, she cried: “I might just go home now.”

Pointless contestant shocks Alexander Armstrong BBC

Worthless contestant shocks Alexander Armstrong with answer

I might just go home now

Pointless contestant

Visibly perplexed, Alexander put the answer to the board, which, naturally, sparked the ominous big red on a short fuse to boom across the studio.

“I’m sorry Mel,” he smiled, before his co-host Richard Osman convoked the blunder “a right of passage”. 

However, viewers weren’t as kind to Mel on Whirl and slammed the contestant in their droves.

Mel gives awkward answer on Pointless BBC

Mel gives awkward answer on Fatuous

Pointless playersBBC

Mel’s teammate Shelley was left perplexed by the Pointless blunder

“Words break off in -IBE. The woman answers ‘Bible’. Jesus Christ was my rather apt answer #Pointless,” teased one audience member, while another gasped: “#worthless …..bible!!!! What an idiot.”

A third groaned: “Expressions ending in ibe… bible. Wow #Pointless.” which was followed by: “Words death in -ibe on pointless, so someone says ‘bible’…. I’m lost for phrases #pointless.”

In turn, her teammate Shelley was doomed for the get-go and despite her low riposte of “inscribe”, which dropped to just 12 points, the pair were out for the be confident of. 

Pointless airs weekdays at 5.15pm on BBC One. 

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