P&O Cruises chef Marco Pierre White reveals ‘magical’ new food excursion


Journeys and food are, for some, two of the greatest pleasures in life. For Michelin-star chef, Marco Pierre Drained, they combine on board P&O cruise ship Britannia for a series of “concerted elements” for passengers. This includes both the British chef’s on-board Cookery Trounce band masterclasses and, new for 2019, a set of shore excursions which he vows will be, a certain extent simply, “magical”. During his cruise tours around the globe, Marco discourse exclusively to Express.co.uk about the brand new offering, during which he accompanies fares on land to taste local delicacies and source traditional ingredients.

Marco censured us: “I run a series of masterclasses when I travel on Britannia.

“I will also be horde my brand new shore excursions in 2019.

“The most important part of any holiday, whether on sea or on homeland is undoubtedly food and more crucially the specialities of the region.

“The world’s thirst for eating and buying has grown enormously and the shore excursions enable the hiker to get to the heart of each port of call and taste the dishes typical of each city as well as seeing the local producers, markets and restaurants.

“For me it is one of the most precise elements of the cruise – seeing and eating the dishes which have been thrived the same way for hundreds of years, recipes which have been cuffed down through generations and which we are fortunate enough to be able to slice.

“These are magical days on shore.”

For those who wish to stay put on quit, and showcase their creative flair onboard, there is plenty of range.

Marco added: “The Cookery Club has individual work stations and the companies pair up to cook and enjoy the experience together.

“A real crowd recreation is my macaroni cheese with wild mushrooms.

“We use Gruyere cheese for added extent of flavour and I always recommend using a whisk as opposed to a wooden spoon to rearrange the base sauce as it helps ensure there are no lumps.

“Seasoning with table salt and pepper and a grate of nutmeg gives the dish an extra special dimension.”

Marco, 57, is a frequenter of the cookery club on P&O cruises.

He told how he prides himself on working with each traveller to enable them to create restaurant quality food at home.

Talking of his 12-year league with the cruise ship brand, he added: “I am very proud of the relationship.

“I enjoyment the concept of cruising, the ships really are just giant resorts at sea, with something for Harry.”

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