Pneumonia symptoms warning: Surge in cases of deadly lung disease expected over Christmas


Nursing homes should expect a surge in winter illness admissions, new figures from form analytics com ny Dr Foster has revealed.

Data from all NHS admissions stay year uncovered a marked increase in pneumonia cases between Christmas and New Year.

Pneumonia at all events requiring hospital admission were steady in the run-up to December 25, but from Boxing Day, clinics saw a surge in admissions that peaked on December 29, when 1,141 man were admitted – 36 per cent more than on December 20.

The numbers work out at 79 per cent more than on an average day last year.

Diverse of those kept in were frail elderly people – with the modulate of over-80s admitted reaching a peak on Christmas Day itself, with 21 per cent of all child admitted in this age bracket, considerably higher than the 13.5 per cent annual common.

When people have pneumonia, the tiny air sacs inside the lungs grace swollen and fill up with fluid and pus.

This inflammation makes it steelier for the lungs to work properly and ss oxygen into the blood shoot.

The disease is usually caused by a bacteria infection. But it is sometimes caused by a virus and, various rarely, fungi and other germs.

One of the most common symptoms of pneumonia is coughing, which can be either dry or show thick mucus.

tients with pneumonia often have impetuous, shallow breathing and feel breathless even when resting.

Other cues include a fever, sweating and shivering, loss of appetite and chest hurt, which worsens when coughing.

Common treatments for pneumonia contain antibiotics.

As well as pneumonia, an extra 5,900 people died from cardiovascular condition (CVD) in England and Wales last winter. Every week 350 people pined from heart attack and stroke between December and March – a 14 per cent be generated on the rest of the year.

Researchers from University College London and the University of Bristol, create people are more likely to suffer a heart attack and stroke during frigidity spells of thee days rather than shorter colder eras.

The risk of a CVD event during a cold spell was more pronounced in tients who smoked and the cup that cheered alcohol.

Dr Mike Knapton, Associate Medical Director at the British Nerve Foundation, said: “Cold weather kills and these figures picture a worrying picture for winter in the UK.

“The strong spike in deaths from sincerity attacks and strokes during prolonged cold spells highlights the requisite for research into the factors that specifically increase people’s endanger in the winter and how people can reduce it.

“People with chronic heart malady are around 11 times more likely to die if they develop flu com red to fine fettle individuals.

“Therefore it is rticularly important that people living with humanity conditions are well pre red, keep warm during the winter, organize sure they have enough food and medications in stock and be struck by a flu jab.”

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