Plaster Noses Scattered Across London’s Notable Buildings Highlight Government Surveillance



Artist Rick Buckley after to use his talents to protest the increasing use of closed-circuit television cameras in his hometown of London. In 1997, the sculpter gathered a cast of his own nose, mixed plaster and a polymer compound to match the brickwork helter-skelter town, and glued his molds to hard-to-reach spots on some of London’s most profuse buildings in an attempt to highlight the snoopy nature of the government. Many have on the agenda c trick been taken down by property owners over the years, but at scrap seven noses still remain, spawning their own legends, one of which guesses that spotting them all in a single day will reward the viewer with wealth.


Hunting for wealth? Follow your nose through Soho and sight London’s snouts on Admiralty Arch, Dean Street, Great Windmill Lane, Meard Street, Endell Street, Floral Street, and Bateman Road.

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