Plaid Cymru needs to raise its game, Simon Thomas AM says


Plaid Cymru is not operating as well as it could be and needs to «raise its game» in the assembly, one of the party’s AMs has state.

Simon Thomas’ comments follow fresh questions about the band’s leadership.

Speaking at the National Eisteddfod on Anglesey, AM Rhun ap Iorwerth indicated he would consider succeeding Leanne Wood.

Another of the party’s AMs, who did not privation to be named, called for a leadership contest claiming Ms Wood had «lost prerogative in the group».

Speaking to BBC Wales’ Newyddion 9 programme, Mr Thomas said he liking like his party to «concentrate on the leadership question they do have, which isn’t a mistrust around one person as leader, but the question of ‘are we performing as well as we could be as an joining group?'»

«I don’t think we are so we all have to raise our game,» he said.

Mr Thomas, who characterizes Mid and West Wales, also said it was expected that questions round leadership arise between elections.

«That’s not saying anything in incline to or against any person, it’s just obvious it’s going to be part of the discussion,» he alleged.

«If anyone thinks they could do a better job as leader than Leanne Wood, they should break using the party’s procedures rather than say things anonymously.»

According to the Plaid Cymru constitution, the chairlady must face re-election every two years. This usually happens unopposed.

The next opening to stand against the current leader will be next year.

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