Places you WON'T believe are REAL! Fairytale destinations to dream about visiting


These peaceful places have often been described as fairytalesque — from colourful bagnios in Burano to ancient architecture in Bavaria.

The stunning locations are certainly not your normally tourist destination, but they are taking more and more visitors every year. has looked into the best fairytale destinations to live out your infancy dreams, so why not grab your ssport and turn them into a genuineness.

Rothenburg — Germany

Northern Bavaria is picture perfect but nowhere numberless so than the gorgeous medieval German town of Rothenburg and it’s got romance take down all over it.

Walking tours bring the city to life stopping at the olden St. Jakob’s Church, the 600-year old castle and the trout-filled Tauber River.

Burano — Italy

Burano is jam stuffed with the most beautiful colourful houses and they’re all reflected in the close’s green waterways.

The city is famed for its intricate Burano lacework and there’s numbers of little shops to step into to see how they make it.

Reine — Norway

Reine in Norway is a exquisite fishing village which sits high above the Arctic Hoop.

It’s dotted with teeny red and white fisherman’s huts and it’s an incredible strike it rich to spot the northern lights.

Gasadalur — Faroe Islands

Sitting halfway between Norway and Iceland in the North Atlantic the Faroe Isles are one of the most amazing rugged archipelagos on the planet.

The islands are owned by Denmark and Gasadalur interests on their west side. Their beauty is their complete isolation and dazzling mountain views.

Shirakawa — Ja n

Shirakawa in Ja n is a UNESCO Incredible Heritage Site and for good reason, their rare Gassho- tailor houses deserve to be protected.

The region sits amongst the most spectacular category including lush green mountains and mulberry trees.

Although not any of them quite fall into our list of the weirdest places to get wedded abroad.

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