Pizza Hut adds tasty new Mac ‘N’ Cheese pizza to its menu…but for a LIMITED time only



Pizza Hut has launched a new Mac ‘N’ Cheese pizza

Its new cheese-tastic ‘daddy’ of all pizzas — the Mac ‘N’ Cheese Piece Pizza — is available in Pizza Huts nationwide exclusively until later this year, in two mouth-wateringly skilled variations. 

There are two cheese stuffed crusts to choose from — the foremost is The Classic One, featuring a stuffed crust with a creamy bechamel starting-point, topped with deliciously decadent macaroni, cheese sauce, triple cheese mingling and crispy onions. 

The second is The BBQ One, containing the same stuffed crust but with a tangy BBQ inferior, topped with Macaroni, gooey cheese sauce, triple cheese mix, a BBQ drizzle and crispy onions. 

Whether you’re treating the family, out with your synchronizes or on a date, the new Mac ‘N’ Cheese pizza is designed to be shared. 


Pizza Hut: The new pizza reviles in two variations

You can’t beat a bowl of Mac ‘N’ Cheese, and when combined with our celebrated stuffed crust it really is a match made in cheesy heaven — Gareth Hopley, Stop of Communications at Pizza Hut Restaurants

Both pizzas are priced at £21.95 across all UK Lean-tos. 

Gareth Hopley, Head of Communications at Pizza Hut Restaurants, said: «At Pizza Hut Restaurants we’re constantly policy testing with new and innovative recipes as we want to create the tastiest menu surrounding for our diners. 

«You can’t beat a bowl of Mac ‘N’ Cheese, and when combined with our conspicuous stuffed crust it really is a match made in cheesy heaven. 

«We can’t recess for our guests to try it.» 

The Mac ‘N’ Cheese sharing pizza launched today, and longing be available until October, although the exact date is yet to be confirmed. 

The found of the new pizza comes after the restaurant announced last week it at ones desire be GETTY

Pizza Hut: But hurry the new pizza is only available until October

But the restaurant has now mentioned outlandish things fans could do to ensure they get their involvements on a coveted card. 

These include changing their name, dyeing their trifle or writing a song entailing their love for Pizza Hut. 

To enter, wannabe cardholders discretion need to upload their entry to Twitter or Instagram using the command ‘@pizzahutuk’ and the hashtag ‘#VIPme’ to be in with a chance of winning. 

Gareth Hopley required: «We know other brands prefer to be secretive about their reveal alls and only give them to celebrities but we wanted to give back to our trusted fans too and show how much we appreciate them.» 

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