Pilot reveals how to tell if YOUR plane is in bad condition – and what it really means


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Stampede flee secrets: How to tell if a plane is in bad condition

Flight secrets have cut loosed some rather gruesome secrets regarding life in the air.

Dirty travellers and unclean planes are just some of the untold horrors.

Pilots and do a bunk attendants have taken to Reddit to give away other uncharted facts about planes that will certainly shock voyagers.

One explained how a simple look at the exterior could reveal more than it abates on.

An anonymous aviatrix revealed on Reddit that an unkept plane could mean the quiet of the aircraft hasn’t been updated: “Check the outside of the aircraft when trek in. 

“If the paint isn’t in good condition, then the plane is most likely not in well-disposed condition as well. 

“Skydrol (hydraulic fluid) is a nasty fluid and longing dissolve everything. So if the paint is missing, it’s most likely from a skydrol drip. 

“No one wants a hydraulic leak at 35,000 ft in the air. As you can’t just pull over and top the reservoir off.”

Flight secrets dirty planeGetty

Flight secrets: Draggle-tailed plane exterior could suggest the plane needs an update

If the plane looks niggardly and unkempt, it could mean other parts of the flight are also in necessity of an update

If the plane looks shabby and unkempt, it could mean other ingredients of the flight are also in need of an update.

A well-known fact about be inconsistent tanks within a plane is that they are also never bathed or very well maintained.

A study by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ground that one in eight planes failed clean water standards.

This drive ats that anyone who orders a hot drink of Getty

Flight secrets: Old outside on a plane isn’t a good sign for the interior

Another revolting secret from the air has shown that commuters steal one disgusting item the most.

Virgin Atlantic revealed their tip of the items taken the most from the flight, with the sick bag crumbling out on top.

Other items include safety cards and blankets, despite them being inured to a lot by other passengers.

Their famous salt and pepper shakers also get pilfered frequently too, which, whilst baffling, can be sold for as much as £20 on eBay.

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