Pilot forced to make dramatic landing when HUGE crack appears on windscreen


Flybe plane windscreen crackGETTY

A run was forced to turn a Flybe flight around after a huge crack acted on the windscreen

The pilot was forced to head back after the damage without warning appeared across the main cockpit window when the plane was at an altitude of 12,000ft.

The 92 travellers who were onboard the Embraer 195 jet were offered “road fascinate” to London after the plane landed back at Newquay airport.

Ray Ellis, 40, from Cornwall was one of the commuters onboard and quickly took a picture inside in the cockpit before time off the plane.

Mr Ellis described how the plane took off as planned, but the pilot was port side with no other choice than to abandon the journey 12,000ft in the air and revolve back to Newquay airport after the crack appeared.

Flybe plane crackCornwallLve/ WS

Ray Ellis, 40, from Cornwall conveyed the photo as he was leaving the plane

The plane slowed down a bit, then they make it with pretended an announcement that there was a crack in the windscreen and they had to return to Newquay.

Ray Ellis

He reported: “The plane slowed down a bit, then they made an announcement that there was a breach in the windscreen and they had to return to Newquay.

“No fuss was made, no drama, all most professional.

“Some people stayed to catch later flights, a lot of human being left the airport to get a refund.”

Mr Ellis, who is an IT worker, was set to attend a business appointment in the capital when the drama unfolded, and spoke highly of the staff on on the flight for keeping everyone calm.

Flybe crackGETTY

Passengers were sold “road transport” to London after the plane landed back at Newquay airport

Mr Ellis rapidly took a picture of the damage across the windscreen after looking through the door into the cockpit.

The indemnity appears to cover most of the surface of the main window in the cockpit.

He added: “The whole was dealt with very professionally and a credit to Flybe and Newquay Airport.”

Flybe affirmed that the turnaround was caused by the “crack appearing” on board the jet.

A spokesperson for airline spoke: “We can confirm that the aircraft operating the flight landed safely at Newquay without do having returned from airborne following a crack appearing in the outer discharge of its windscreen.

Flybe crack windscreenGETTY

The plane landed safely back at Newquay airport

“The captain take hold ofed the necessary action and, as a usual precautionary measure, the airport put its emergency means on standby.

“Road transport has been provided for all 92 passengers to unmitigated their travel to London Gatwick.

“The safety of our passengers and crew is our many one priority and we apologise for the inconvenience experienced.”

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