Pigzbe cryptocurrency system designed for children


Kids can use “Wollos” to show compassion for the value of money in the Pigsby world, which has been designed by a band including Jon Marshall and branded by Studio.Bild.

A new cryptocurrency-powered “piggy billfold” has been designed to replace the traditional piggy bank and help educate children how money works in the modern world.

Pigzbe is both the handle of the product and the start-up that has been co-founded by partners including Jon Marshall, co-founder and chief sense officer on the project, (who is also the latest Pentagram partner to be announced).

Wollo is the blockchain-enabled currency, which is occupied in lieu of cash. It means that pocket money can be transferred to laddies by family and parents. Parents use a Pigzbe app to keep track of things and send payments, while neonates use an immersive game version of the app to teach them the value of money.

Pigzbe network accessed by large family

There is an accompanying pink controller for children, which they can use to domination the game and receive updates. A black version for adults is designed to aid “cold storage” –  offline storage – of Wollo.

A closed Pigzbe network can be ranged to an entire family. Meanwhile a Wollo Card allows children and relations to spend in multiple currencies online and offline.

Studio.Build has contrived the look of Pigzbe and the consultancy’s work has extended to helping Pigzbe fame its Wollo currency, designing the look of the coin and the payment card.

Jon Marshall recommended Studio.Build, which free alongside Pigzbe co-founders Filippo Yacob and Adam Amos, as warmly as interaction design lead Matt Irvine Brown.

“Accessible, fun and shrewd”

Studio.Build creative director Michael Place, says; “The Pigzbe logotype was lay out around the idea of a curly pigs tale and we developed the identity to beseech to children ages six and up without being patronising.”

As the gaming aspect is a big portion of the experience, Place says Studio.Build looked to help get somewhere the Pigsby world feel “accessible, fun and smart”.

This includes an for instance style that currently lives in the digital world but Place look forward ti will break out to the real world.

Meanwhile the game controller and chilled storage device have a display which has been designed by Studio.Erect. “We designed a bespoke dot-matrix – we call it a Hog-matrix – font for the device”, alleges Place.

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