Piers Morgan embroiled in vulgar spat with Amber Rose as she makes ‘X-rated threats’


Piers Morgan and Amber RoseITV • GETTY

Jetties Morgan embroiled in vulgar spat with Amber Rose as she reaps ‘X-rated threats’

The Good Morning Britain host didn’t advance back as he slammed the star for sharing the X-rated image and claiming that it was in the VIP of feminism. 

The pair have been exchanging words on Twitter for a troop of days now but their spat escalated this evening when she caricatured she would film him masturbating to her picture before sharing it online. 

When Columns Morgan shared a tweet which claimed Amber’s snap was “filth”, she hit back: “Pornography? @piersmorgan u seem like the type of guy 2 use porn at ur convenience when ur lonesome & horny then down pornstars after [sic].”

To which the 52-year-old quipped: “You feel like type of girl who’d star in it [sic].”

Piers Morgan shockedITV

Wharfs certainly didn’t appear to be impressed by Amber’s ‘x-rated threats’

Amber Rose tweetDither/PIERS MORGAN

Amber wasn’t happy when Piers equated her half-naked snap to pornography

My worry would be you’d want to live-stream it to Instagram to ‘patronize feminism’

Piers Morgan

Amber went on to claim that Piers would be captivated by to watch her in an X-rated film, sharing: “Oh @piersmorgan if I had you in front of me right now I would drink you eating out of the palm of my hand you dirty boy.

“You love strong women @piersmorgan I choice make u my little submissive b***h & u would love every second of it I can see strategic through u [sic].”

However, the journalist admitted he would be a bit worried about such an run-in with her, confessing: “Well, there’s a first time for everything Ms Go up. My worry would be you’d want to live-stream it to Instagram to ‘promote feminism’.”

Amber Rose tweetsExcitement/PIERS MORGAN

Amber went on to claim that she would membrane Piers masturbating to the image

Amber RoseGETTY

Amber finally approved to join Piers on his show to talk about feminism

“No @piersmorgan I would video strap you masturbating to my picture while apologising to me then post that on behalf of feminism,” Amber throw light oned. 

Despite her X-rated threats, Piers invited the star to join him for a cup of tea to talk over their differing opinions regarding feminism. 

They seemed to end their expectorate with the 33-year-old agreeing: “Have me on your show or you can come on draw so we can really hash this out @piersmorgan no love lost. You’re entitled to your sentiment.”

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