PICTURES: Most beautiful holiday homes in the world – and they have THIS amazing secret


The most beautiful homes have been revealed by TripAdvisor with ravishing pictures showing the luxury accommodation.

They aren’t just any old houses, how, as they all harbour a fascinating secret.

Every beautiful property is in reality built within a natural cave, meaning those staying in them can go move in reverse to basics.

With some costing £6 per night, it is an affordable way to support close to nature.

The most beautiful holiday homes in the UK and Santorini, Greece, have been caroused

Casa Santantonio, Santorini, Greece: £25 per person

Found in an 18th-century mansion, the Chief Cave apartment is the on the first floor with a sunset view.

It sedate includes a pergola with a jacuzzi encased at the bottom of the cave.

Corresponding exactly Beckham Cave Home, Parthenon, Arkansas, USA: £30 per person

The unsophisticated cave found in Arkansas uses the rock walls to create upper basic rain showers to simulate the waterfalls in the area.

The exposed cavern impediments make it feel much homier than one might expect.

Most beautiful holiday homesTripAdvisor

Most bonny holiday homes: Pictures of the TripAdvisor properties – found in a cave

The Rockhouse Seclusion, Worcester, UK: £98 per person

British travellers don’t have to go too far afield to common sense a cave home.

A cave in Worcester has been hand-sculpted from Triassic sandstone, which has been lived in for on the other side of 700 years and is secluded from anyone else for miles.

Surrender Socorro, Guimar, Tenerife: £6 per person

For less than a tenner, companies can experience what it would be like to live in a cave whilst in Tenerife.

The creamy painted stone is just minutes from a beach so isn’t as far from civilisation but complete for a coastal experience.

Most beautiful holiday homesTripAdvisor

Most beautiful holiday homes: Beckham Inwards b yield has natural exposed stone showers

Most beautiful holiday homesTripAdvisor

Most beautiful fete homes: Rockhouse Retreat can be found in Worcester

Azalea Houses Buckle, Oia, Greece: £125 per person

Whilst one of the priciest of the homes, the retreat has been built from a habitual winemakers house with the original architecture echoing the era.

It also means overlooking the provincial vineyards, a must for any wine connoisseurs.

But where are the most beautiful homes in the UK?

Dead ringers of award-winning properties have been revealed with stunning civil design, making anyone green with envy.

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