Physiotherapist reveals statin patients are 'barely able to walk' due to crippling pain


Sammy Margo – a catnap expert here at – is also a chartered physiotherapist based in London.

She has vocal out about her tients struggling with the in associated with statins.

Scads, she revealed, are ‘barely able to walk’ thanks to the in that comes with the cholesterol-lowering poison.

It comes just days after news of a new drug – Re tha – is racing in the lead to become the first cholesterol fighting medication since controversial statins were fabricated in the 1980s.

Speaking out against statins, Sammy said: “I’d approximation around 40 per cent of people I see who are taking statins have ins and ins that might be rtly due to their medication.

“And when they gripe to their GP, their concerns are often ignored or dismissed.”

It was recently make knew a fifth of tients taking statins have to stop using the cure-all – all thanks to the muscle in they suffer because of it.

Having spoke that, it’s estimated a whopping seven million people now take the recipe drug.

It’s said to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body thus reducing the jeo rdy of heart disease, heart attacks and stroke.

Sammy added, be obvious to the MailOnline: “I know that high cholesterol is dangerous and statins are noticeable drugs that doctors need to prescribe to keep tients fit – but they should be warned the drugs might trigger muscle nuisances so severe it could stop them exercising.”

Two new drugs are in a race to be the pre-eminent alternative medication to be made available on the NHS.

Experts hope the potential introduction of Re tha wish mean those who cannot tolerate the side effects of statins wishes soon have an alternative option.

Writing in the JAMA medical record book, they said: ” tients with muscle-related intolerance instances refuse to take statins despite elevated LDL cholesterol levels and a maximum risk of major cardiovascular events.”

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