Philippe Couillard says Trump presidency brings economic instability, uncertainty


Quebec Head Philippe Couillard congratulated U.S. president-elect Donald Trump on his victory, but combined it has ushered in a period of economic instability and uncertainty.

Throughout the cam ign, Trump draw oned for the renegotiation of free-trade agreements to make them more favourable for U.S. impresari.

«Exports are so critical for us,» Couillard told reporters Wednesday morning. He go on increased that many Quebec-based com nies have close ties to the U.S.

In special, Couillard said he is preoccupied by what im ct it might have on the hinterlands’s lumber industry since negotiations on an agreement between the U.S. and Canada are progressive.

He said the province will focus on maintaining exports to the U.S., but also keep up to open up new markets for Quebec goods.

Couillard said that he did detect a difference between Trump the Republican candidate and president-elect Trump. He said that Trump’s phrasing became more unifying in his acceptance speech and feels that signals a scrape by in direction.

On Tuesday, Couillard called Trump a candidate who is «outside of the benchmark on several issues.»

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