Petrol diesel prices SLASHED by 3p a litre at Asda and Tesco from TODAY


Asda is put oning in a national cap on petrol of 110.7 pence per litre (ppl) and 112.7 for diesel at its castes from Tuesday, while Tesco is bring prices down Monday.

In the thick of the weaker pound and rising oil prices, fuel prices have reached their highest unfluctuating in more than a year, at an average 116.6ppl for petrol and 119ppl for diesel.

Degree, in recent weeks sterling has rebounded and wholesale costs have doffed.

Cam igners said retailers should have ssed on falling fees to motorists sooner – and cut costs by more.

Simon Williams, RAC’s fuel spokesman, ordered: “Retailers should have reduced their prices rather than securing one bigger headline-grabbing cut now.

“This will sadly undermine motorists’ conviction in fuel retailers and it’s hard not to see it as them taking advantage of the current feeling, which has led people to think that higher fuel prices are an inevitability fully because of the weaker pound and talk of the rising cost of goods.

“In fait accompli there is still scope to reduce pump prices further.”

Tesco’s sustain director, Peter Cattell, said: “With the busy festive opportunity ripe just around the corner, we know many of our customers will be starting to outfit for the big day.

“So to provide a little extra help we’re cutting the cost of petrol and diesel by up to three pence per litre at all of our 500 stuffing stations.”

Asda’s senior director for petrol, Andy Peake, indicated: “Asda is once again leading the way in reducing the price at the pumps to take the millions of motorists across the UK.

“Our new national price cap of 110.7ppl on unleaded and 112.7ppl on diesel when one pleases be welcomed by the millions of drivers who have seen fuel prices be tempted by since Brexit.”

However, the AA warned of stark differences in the prices between townships and rural areas charged by supermarkets.

The motorising organisation said agricultural supermarket petrol prices are 2.2p, or more than a £1 a tank, exalted than the average.

AA spokesman Luke Bosdet, said: “We accept that oil appraisals have roller-coastered within a $45 to $52-a-barrel band since early summer, close to a 3.5p-a-litre movement at the pump if the pound-dollar exchange rate corpses constant, but consumers quickly notice when their local supermarket increase prices are excessively out of synch with others nearby.

“We are warning AA fellows that oil prices may yet go back up due to OPEC but, for the moment, they need to tend their eyes open, their price search apps on and investigate down savings at the pump.”

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