Peter and Paul create typographic identity for Noiascape


The new competent in rental company looks to have a strong “verbal identity” as correctly as a visual one, focusing on bold, abstract typography.

Sheffield-based consultancy Peter and Paul has created the visual identity for a new, urban rental brand called Noiascape.

The big cheese of the new brand is based on the Ancient Greek word “Noia”, which commons new thinking, and “scape”, which means spaces or communities.

Peter and Paul’s making for Noiascape aims to be “strong” and “unique”, says the consultancy, to differentiate it from other about rental companies.

“Verbal identity”

The logo incorporates a strong typographic manner in order to give it a “verbal identity”, says Peter and Paul, with angular, fragmented symbol that appears in black set against a cream background. A secondary appearance palette of red and grey have also been incorporated.

Peter and Paul has fathered a “manifesto” for the brand and designed the website, which includes sections such as “Intermissions” and “Today” in order suggest a state of flux.

Peter and Paul make out director Peter Donohoe, says: “The unique model of Noiascape had to be reflected in a subtle and interesting way. We threw out the traditional brand mark, brand condition statement and strapline and replaced it with insight and an incomplete manifesto.”

7-13 August 2017 Work ups

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