Peter Alliss suggests women who wish to join Muirfield should 'marry some who is a member'


The thrash caused a furore this week when the members voted against allowing women, losing the right to host the Open Championship in the process.

The ballot was held at the end of a two-year consultation on the climax but failed to get the two-thirds majority of its 648 eligible voters required to coppers policy.

The decision by the East Lothian club was met with outcry from key symbols from the sport and beyond with many including former humanity number one, Rory McIlroy and Prime Minister David Cameron area of expertise on the club to look again at its membership rules.

But speaking to BBC Radio 5 Vigorous, Mr Alliss said the issue was “a very emotive subject”.

He told the prcis: “The women who are there are wives of husbands.

“They get all the facilities.

“If personage wants to join, you’d better get married to someone who’s a member.”

The 85-year-old, persist in: “I believe clubs were formed years ago by people of equal spirit – doctors, lawyers, accountants, bakers, butchers, whatever they ilk.

“And they joined in like spirit to talk amongst them and to do whatever.

“I insufficiency to join the WVS (Women’s Voluntary Service) but unless I have a few bits and shatters nipped away on my body I’m not going to be able to get in.”

Meanwhile, McIlroy led terms from top golfers for the club to “see sense”.

He said: “They can do what they demand but in this day and age it’s not right to host the world’s biggest tournament at a place that does not assign women to become members.

“Hopefully, they can see some sense and we can get it rear there one day.

“The R&A (golf’s governing body) did the right thing.

“It’s 2016 and we deliver to move with the times. It’s taken long enough.”

Meanwhile, the captain of Princely Troon which will host this year’s Open said it inclination be “ill-advised” to speculate on the outcome of their vote to admit women fellows.

After Muirfield’s vote narrowly failed to achieve the two-thirds manhood required, it leaves Troon as the only course on the nine-strong rota to have on the agenda c trick such a policy with Royal St George’s voting last year to acknowledge women members.

It has always considered itself a special case in this consideration as it shares facilities with the Ladies Golf Club.

Both nightspots will shoulder the responsibility of hosting the Open via a joint Championship Council.

A “comprehensive review” of membership policy was announced by Troon in January 2015 but the circulate will not be resolved until the “back end” of 2016.

Troon captain, Martin Cheyne conjectured: “The decision was one for Muirfield members to make and the media response was certain.

“I think for us it means our process is the right process and we will see that utterly to the conclusion.”

“At the moment we are in the middle of the survey process and until that give up back we will make no decisions.”

He added: “I think what our associates will do is view the results of Muirfield’s vote and that will tell on any decision they make.

“I think it will help to clarify their sentence.

“To try and antici te the results would be ill-advised, but I think that given the assertion of both Muirfield and the R&A that they will take it into account.”

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