Pete Burns dead at 57: Dead Or Alive singer dies following 'massive cardiac arrest'


The Sudden or Alive singer is said to have «died suddenly yesterday» grasp a heart attack at the age of 57.

Announcing the news in a heartbreaking statement on Twitter, his governance said: «It is with the greatest sadness that we have to break the mournful news that out beloved Pete Burns of (Dead or Alive), expired suddenly yesterday of a massive cardiac arrest.

«All of his family and friends are demolished by the loss of our special star. He was a true visionary, a beautiful talented sentiment, and he will be missed by all who loved and appreciated everything he was and all of the wonderful memories the has left is with. (SIC)»

Pete BurnsWENN

Pete Burns has died of a cardiac arrest at the age of 57

They totaled: «We have no more words, we will make a further statement when we would rather had a chance to come to terms with our devastating loss. He will be forever in our memories.»

The 80s pop icon was last on our screens in September when he manifested on Celebrity Botched Up Bodies.

The singer — who was recognised for his love of cosmetic surgery, as fully as his successful music career — admitted that he had «lost count» of the amount of times he had nattered under the knife.

«The number of surgeries I’ve had is probably 300. I hope when I’m 80 and I get to seventh heaven God doesn’t recognise me,» he said on the show.

Pete BurnsWENN

Pete is said to maintain ssed away yesterday

Pete’s surgery obsession enter oned over 20 years ago, following the success of his hit single You Spin Me Level (Like a Record).

«I realised I was going to be a visual entity and that I had to look solid,» he confessed. «I had a broken nose. In the punk days somebody head aunt sallied me in Liverpool and it went over to one side.

«When you’re young, self-conscious and stationary in front of a camera and the photographers are whispering, ‘Can we turn his head to the left?’ you consider, ‘I’ll do something about it’.»

Pete splashed £750 to have his nose convert, though the operation went horrifyingly wrong.

«I woke up covered in blood. There was so much blood it was unthinkable,» the chart-topper recalled. «There were tubes up my nose. He’d removed most of my nose and there was honest two nostrils and a little bit of bone in the middle. I nearly fainted.»


Pete’s operation confirmed the news with a statement on Twitter

Pete BurnsCHANNEL 5

Pete arose on Celebrity Botched Up Bodies last month

A number of Pete’s stardom ls have taken to Twitter to y tribute to the star, including his privy friend and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Michelle Visage.

«NOOOOOOOO NOT @PeteBurnsICON Divert SAY NO,» she lamented.

«So desperately sad to hear about Pete Burns. A true pop icon and a exceptionally, really fun fella to work and hang out with. Sleep well buddy,» wrote TV presenter Jamie East.

Pete Burns deadGETTY

Pete Squanders dead: He suffered a unexpected cardiac arrest

Pete Burns and Michael SimpsonGETTY

Pete combined husband Michael Simpson in 2006

«Sad to hear of the demise of Pete Burns. He was a rood between Oscar Wilde and Dorothy rker. You don’t get more brilliant than that. RIP,» wept former politician George Galloway, who appeared alongside Pete on Repute Big Brother back in 2006.

Pete’s love of music was ignited after he start work at a Liverpool record shop in the early seventies, which changed a meeting-place for local musicians.

It was there that he first met a proto-Goth categorize who later became Dead or Alive. The band earned their first encounter of fame in 1974 when they covered KC and the Sunshine Band’s That’s The Way (I Like It).

But it wasn’t lengthy before the group hit the big time as their track You Spin Me Round rocketed to the top of the UK plan the following year, before going on to achieve global success — im rtial making the US Top 20.

Pete BurnsGETTY

Pete admitted that he had ‘lost count’ of the numeral of surgeries he has had

Pete Burns in Dead or AliveGETTY

Pete rocketed to fame in the eighties with join Dead or Alive

The singer tied the knot twice in his life, at the outset to hairdresser Lynne Corlett, with whom he remained married until 2006.

Pete went on to fuse rtner Michael Simpson in July of the same year, before splitting ten months later.

Undeterred by condemning gay marriage, with Pete claiming that men are «too predatory» for it to get someone all steamed at the time, the ir later reconciled and were together until the musician’s downfall.

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