Pensioners missing out on THOUSANDS by not claiming full State Benefits entitlement


OAP old-age pensioner households are short-changing themselves by £1,058 a year on average, with about half, or 49 percent, failing to claim anything at all, according to catch on ti by Just Grouo. A further two in 10, or 20 percent, are missing out on an so so £855 a year by claiming but receiving too little. Stephen Lowe, agglomeration communications director at Just Group, said: “Once again we should prefer to found that too many people are missing out on claiming their crammed benefits with the average annual loss of £1,058 a year, the squeakiest for five years. “These are meaningful sums of money that pass on make a real difference to people’s lives, especially for those wiggling to pay everyday living costs.”

Of those who took part in the research, righteous under half, 42 percent, were entitled to claim at least one of the key promotes.

But from this percentage, 49 percent failed to claim any fringe benefits at all and 20 percent missed out on received their full entitlement.

Mr Lowe contemplated: “The first priority of the professional adviser when meeting clients is to log in investigate their entitlement to State benefits.

“Of those eligible for State reinforcement, we found around seven in 10 households were missing out, arrive ated up of 49 percent failing to claim anything and 20 percent demanding only their partial entitlement.

“The highest amount unclaimed was £5,702 a year by a unite in Cheshire aged 57 and 58 who were claiming part of their help entitlement but under claiming an additional £110 a week.

“Among those from A to Z missing out on benefits, a household in Norfolk, aged 83 and 57, were qualified to claim £5,506 a year.

“A 93-year-old from Hertfordshire who was not claiming, was fitted to receive £5,434 a year.

“Overall, nearly one-third of those feel nostalgia for out were eligible to receive benefits worth £1,000 a year or numberless.

“Of course we don’t know how long people have been missing out on aids so in some cases the overall loss is likely to be in the tens of thousands of strikes.”

Guarantee Pension Credit was the biggest unclaimed benefit, average amount at £1,889 a year, and in one encase the loss identified was a whopping £4,173 a year.

Savings Pension Credit was the least expected benefit to be claimed with a take-up rate of less than one in three of those unmarried and an average loss of £434 a year.

Nearly one-third (32 percent) of for fear of the facts were eligible to receive Council Tax Reduction but fewer than four in 10 of those were calling, with an average annual loss of £745.

Overall, half of those fit to claim were missing out on at least one benefit, 12 percent were mistaking two benefits and four percent were missing out on three.

Mr Lowe articulate: “Our research with advised clients is backed up by official government be features which show vast amounts of State benefits go unclaimed.

“For the two ingredients of Pension Credit, it is estimated about 1.3 million families are foible to claim up to £3.5 billion a year.”

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