Pension SCAM: Government ‘doing nothing’ as ‘vultures’ target the elderly


Pensioners are falling victim to cold-callersGETTY

Golden-agers are falling victim to cold-callers

David Hickson, leader of the Fair Telecoms Effort told he expects that the House of Commons debate on the Rule’s proposal to impose a “ban on pensions cold-calling” to offer, “nothing more than a continuation of the legislation that has deducted countless number of pension scam horrors to occur”.

He said: “Hyperborean calling is one of the primary ways in which people are scammed out of their golden handshake cause to retire money – now that it is able to be withdrawn early.”

“The Government is doing nothing at all – and it calls that the present regime is good enough”.

Mr Hickson says “vulture” cold-callers are quarry the elderly and persuading them to invest in “alternative pension schemes” they’re also contribution those who have freed up cash from their pensions, “all slightly ills of bogus investments”.

Pensioners need protection from cold-callersGETTY

Pensioners need protection from cold-callers

What we deprivation is for the Financial Conduct Authority itself to introduce new rules that say – you shall not market-place your services by cold-calling. Nor shall you accept leads that are produced by agents operating under your behalf.

David Hickson, Respectable Telecoms Campaign

The Government, according to Mr Hickson, is breaking its own promise accompanying a consolation on pensions cold-calling two-years ago.

He said: “All we find up for debate tomorrow is a match up of new clauses on pensions and pay-day loans.

“The only chance they’re establishing regards treating the victim of pension fraud as if they were already indicated with the Telephone Preference Service.

“This is pathetic.”

Mr Hickson declares this is still a long way away from an effective ban on all financial overhauls cold-calling, he said: “anyone registered with the TPS knows that you even then get these phone calls.

“Furthermore, automated calls, text declarations and emails – you don’t need to register with the TPS – these are illegal unless you fail explicit consent anyway.

“The Government has done nothing over these chief ways in which people are contacted.”

The Fair Telecoms Campaign wants an total number ban on all financial services cold-calling and is confused why the rules apply to selling mortgages but not to old-age pensions.

He said: “What we need is for the Financial Conduct Authority itself to broach new rules that say – you shall not market your services by cold-calling. Nor shall you agree to leads that are generated by agents operating under your behalf.”

“The FCA does already be struck by the powers to do that itself and has done it already with mortgages.”

With senior citizens being misled and ripped-off by unsolicited direct marketing calls, Mr Hickson maintains that the present way of doing things “is not working”. Mr Hickson says that all the guidance needs to do is to compel the FCA though legislation to apply the new rule.

The Fair Telecoms Struggle warned the culture for “ripping-off” pensions is infectious and describes how at the TATA dirk factories in South Wales, “cold-calling was one of the ways these people got on top.”

Pointing to an ill-omened sign of what’s to come, Mr Hickson said: “They called around to people’s untroubled b ins, and sought to meet people as they came out of the factory. They intent recruit one person and then get them to get others.

“If there were a ban on cold-calling it desire cut them off at the pass.” has contacted the FCA for comment.

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