PC GONE MAD: Tom and Jerry BLAMED for ISIS as it shows children 'violence is natural'


In a irregular rant Egypt’s information chief said the slapstick animated express, which has entertained generations of children, makes kids think energy is «natural.»

The outrageous accusation was made by Salah Abdel Sadek as he treat of to students at Cairo University this week.

He said: «It pose as the violence in a funny manner and sends the message that, yes, I can hit him and I can blow him up with inflammables.

«It becomes set in [the viewer’s] mind that this is natural.»

He com red the musical, which features a perpetually-feuding cat named Jerry and mouse named Tom, to untamed video games.

Mr Sadek said: «It has become very average for a young man to spend long hours playing video games, mass murder and spilling blood and he’s happy and content.»

Following his declaration, an Egyptian news per put out a story saying the cartoon teaches innocent children to hatch layouts using violent weapons and to smoke, drink alcohol and steal.

Tom and Jerry cardinal aired in 1940 and has delighted generations of children and rents ever since. The screen features a cat and mouse who torment and attack each other in slap-stick the fad.

This is not the first time the show has been criticised for its content. A handful of its earlier episodes featured racial stereotypes or blackface sight checks, although these are usually cut out when they are shown on television as quotes.

Despite the criticism, Egypt has not yet announced plans to cancel or censor showings of Tom and Jerry on federal television.

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